eCompare Review & Testimonial

Today I want to tell you about e-Compare: The wordpress plugin that allows you to own your own e-commerce store without holding inventory.

It’s an amazing groundbreaking tool… it’s something that’s going to change the way that you do e-commerce.

Most of the time with an e-commerce store you have to carry inventory.

Then some of the other headaches include dealing with customer support.

What e-Compare allows you to do is to actually set up your own e-store or electronic e-commerce store and then sell products for somebody else.

How cool is that?

Not only is this less risky but the ability for your customer to see comparison pricing from up to 7 of the top shopping platforms is the secret sauce.

Absolutely genius!

It is truly groundbreaking. You keep your customer on your product page and they win every single time depending on what they pick so for you it’s a win.

The Best Deals, Prices, Options In One Place

By using a comparison engine on each product you list & sell, you are letting the customer decide which of the prices or deals they value the best. They never leave your site in search of a better deal and you never lift a finger.

It’s a WIN WIN!

Imagine how much easier it will be to make more sales by simply giving customers price options. They can pick whatever prices works best for them, and no matter what they pick, you make a profit!

Go ahead and check it out for yourself.

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