Are you a blogger or do you have a WordPress based website?

I have one… and I’m always looking for more targeted traffic.

You are probably looking for more as well… right?

3 Usual Methods of Getting Traffic…

  1. Paid Traffic – This is instant, but can be costly
  2. SEO based – This is Free, but takes a long time if done legitimately
  3. Black Hat – This is NOT recommended.  These tricks & hacks might get instant results but these can shut down your channels.

BRILLIANT SECRET METHOD – I’ll be using this personally on my website.

TrafficZion is this secret method that doesn’t fit the mold and doesn’t fall into any of those 3 typical getting traffic methods

Instead, it works like this (and by the way… I will be running this traffic to my own blog)

TrafficZion Explained:

  1. For WordPress Sites: TrafficZion is a software that works best with WordPress blogs. It can used with either a self-hosted site or a free WordPress one. If you already have blogs that need more traffic you don’t need to set up anything new.
  2. For Any Niche: There are no barriers in terms of niche. I.e. it doesn’t matter if you run a blog based around affiliate marketing, needle point or fishing. TrafficZion will still find an audience for you and drive targeted traffic to your blog.
  3. It really is 100% FREE Traffic

How We Help You Get Free Traffic Every Day

  • Gravatar: Once you have a WordPress site set up you will need to set up a Globally Recognized Avatar. Setting up Gravatars on your site is easy; you don’t even need an account!
  • Niche Related Tags: Add your Blog URL to the software, followed by a phrase or keyword which best describes the topics covered on your blog. When you do this the software will pull up all the niche related tags.
  • Get Traffic: TrafficZion matches tags from your site with tags from other WordPress sites and interacts with those sites for you.

The Gravatar is the Key!

The gravatar does all the work. I didn’t write the software so I don’t know the exact algorithm used but it works.

The Results

When they follow the Gravatar they visit your site. This helps you get real ‘Human’ visitors to your site almost instantly…

Easy to use!

You set it up once and then the software works in the background for you (nothing else for you to do)

… Sure you may have heard phrases like this before so take a look at what some these elated users (who already use TrafficZion) had to say.

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