Do you want Greener Grass? Our 3 Quick Tips for Spring

Annoying weeds and pests are nowhere to be found when you have a healthy green lawn.

There are three tips that we would liker to share with you to help you keep your lawn healthy all season long.

  1. Apply a type of weed & feed to your lawn. Kill weeds with the post emerging weed killer. Post-emergents attack weeds after they have shown their ugly little heads. One that has a fertilizer in it will help keep your grass growing longer stronger.
  2. Apply the weed & feed when lawn is wet. This will help the granules stick to the grass so they can green up your lawn more quickly. Morning is the best time of the day when there is dew on the grass. Of course you can also apply right after a watering. When you have a wet surface the granules won’t run off. Apply when no rain is forecast for the next two days.
  3. Control pests that live in the lawn. You can block unwanted pests from your yard with a pesticide. Organic pesticides are a terrific way to treat your lawn and garden naturally.

Once these lawn care tips are applied your lawn will love you for it.

Happy spring from your friends at Acorn Landscaping.

We are celebrating our 30th year of serving the community.

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